Validated Members

Validated Controllers


Surname & NameRatingCIDCompetency
Nick MarinovC3/SUP1288524CTR
Oliver HayesI1/SUP1299635CTR
Efe MertogluI11291734CTR
Teodor Gabriel PetricăC11427633CTR
Jake TraffordC11405351CTR
Andrew RizkC11477395CTR
Alexis OttoS31428033APP
Deniz IsiklarS31490654TWR
Ellis DelgadoS21437521TWR
Jack GilS21461883TWR
Veda MoolaS21472315TWR
Hugo AmdalS21438581TWR
Oliver PilkingtonS21480730TWR
(All controllers permanently validated for positions in Romania or Moldova require a briefing session for Bulgaria before getting validated for positions within this RG)

Local members

Todor Atanasov878664C3
Anthony Aslam1443989C1
Genadi Chankov1047528C1
David Solesvik1341101C1
Kristian Karagyozov1463535 C1
Nikolay Tonchev1470696 S3
Atilla Chakarov
1259695 S2
Christian Albert1435265S2
Svetlin Nikolov1008143 S2
Petar Enchev1358983S2
Mihail Mihailov 1472179 S2
Ryan Galt1456480 S2
Veselin Velichkov1380503 S2
Nikolay Sugarev1498643 S2
Rasmus Vaksmann1400225S2
Loïc Branchereau1520069S2
Imani Graham
1449405 S2
Alexander Valev1492117S1
Veselin Pepelanov1434771 S1
David Parker - Quaife1398451S1
Sam Rolfe
1469468 S1
James Billson
1475497 S1
Lucas Jackson 1470602S1

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