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Bulgarian Virtual Airlines

Dear pilots,

Bulgarian airlines virtual is the first official virtual hub of the main major airlines of Bulgarian. In this hub you are going to find five Bulgarian airlines (real and historical) – Bulgarian air, Bulgarian Air Charter, Balkan Holidays, Cargo air and Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. The main aim is to provide the real flights of those airlines and give you a realistic pleasure of flying with Bulgarian airlines, but even more with our ACARS system. We will provide you with the opportunity to feel as a real pilot with reaching ranks, reporting flights and the enjoyment of virtual flying. We would like to notice this is not a real airline and you can not book a real flight here! This site is only for virtual flying simulation on all platforms – FSX, P3D, X-Plane and Flight Simulation 2020!

Lot Virtual Airlines


LOTv.a. is a line with a rich history and traditions. This first virtual airline is based on the real carrier LOT Polish Airlines. Its goal is to simulate air operations as faithfully as possible. Our line includes, among others people who participate in the life of LOT Polish Airlines on a daily basis. We value, above all, the competence, responsibility and diligence in the actions of each user of our community. line is favorable to new users. He fully cares about their development. We act for the benefit of all through a strong group bond and mutual kindness. The origins of our line date back to 2000. We are a renowned Virtual Airline in the Polish skies that has always been appreciated.

We run a fleet based on a real carrier and a network of connections: local, international and intercontinental.